Development (m/f/d) workers to act as digital ambassadors

We are looking for enthusiastic nerds and geeks who want to help overcome the digital divide as development workers in Rwanda, Ghana, Cameroon and other countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

As a federal enterprise, GIZ supports the German Government in achieving its objectives in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development.

With the dispatch of qualified specialists as development workers, GIZ contributes to the sustainable improvement of living conditions of people in developing and transition countries

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  • Assignment period:
    09/01/2019 - 09/30/2021
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    Information and Communication Technology
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Job description

Our #nodigitaldivide initiative aims to provide disadvantaged groups and civil society organisations in Africa with better access to the latest digital technologies and enable them to use these better. The goal is to help more people benefit from the opportunities offered by digitalisation.

In particular, #nodigitaldivide promotes access to the internet in rural areas, digital literacy among women, girls and disadvantaged young people, digital participation by civil society and digital support for civil society processes. To achieve this, it uses digital ambassadors as mediators between the different worlds and digital ecosystems, applying peer-to-peer approaches in order to develop innovative solutions for overcoming the digital divide between urban and rural areas, rich and poor, and men and women, and to encourage efforts to scale these solutions up quickly.

Your tasks

  • The role of the digital ambassadors depends on specific local needs.
  • You could, for example, be involved in the area of ​​basic digital literacy, in the development of easily accessible digital information channels or in the design of concepts for NGOs that work online to promote democratic participation.
  • Work could also focus on the challenge of providing innovative solutions for internet access where there is no broadband or for those who do not own a smartphone with a flat-rate mobile data plan.
  • Digital ambassadors often work in a team with complementary skills, and always cooperate closely with local partners, with whom they jointly design and develop the solutions.

Your profile

  • University degree or professional qualification related to digital change (social or political sciences, economics, social work, education, media, ICT, engineering or similar)
  • Affinity for digital transformation, combined with initial practical professional experience (possibly through internships completed during your studies) and initial experience in the field of development/international cooperation
  • Proven IT/ICT knowledge, as well as experience and understanding of IT developments and IT/ICT projects
  • Knowledge of promoting digital literacy and consulting approaches in the field of information and communication technologies
  • Interest in cooperation/interface management and process design
  • Experience abroad, ideally in Africa and experience in working in intercultural contexts
  • Sensitivity towards, or experience with, approaches to gender equality
  • Teamwork and networking skills combined with the talent to think conceptually and analytically
  • Structured work style with a high degree of self-organisation, flexibility and creativity
  • Strong communication, presentation and facilitation skills
  • Very good knowledge of English and French (depending on location), knowledge of German is an advantage
  • Driving licence and driving experience are an advantage
  • This position would also be a suitable way to spend a gap year

Location information

In general, the security situation is stable. The guidelines for GIZ security measures must be followed at all times. Please also read the country-specific information from the Federal Foreign Office.


Location: main and provincial cities in sub-saharan Africa

Deployment duration : 12-24 months (plus 1 month preparation)

Earliest start: 01.09.2019

GIZ is pleased to welcome applicants who have completed their vocational training and/or studies, and who also have German citizenship or nationality of another EU member state.

Development workers contribute their professional expertise to non-governmental and state organisations in partner countries. They train, advise and design projects jointly with the partner organisations. Development workers do not receive a customary salary, but can instead claim a living allowance, as well as family, health and insurance benefits. Your assignment will begin with several intensive weeks of preparation (including for your family) in Germany and in your partner country. When you finish your assignment in your partner country, you will receive support in reintegrating into working life and society in your country of origin.

Please note that we can only accept and process applications received via our online e-recruiting system. If you are unable to submit your application in this way, contact the person named in the job advertisement.

Our benefits

We are a global service provider within the field of international cooperation for sustainable development. We offer you the opportunity to deploy your technical know-how at one of our locations in more than 130 countries., During the preparation phase, you will receive initial insights into GIZ and the local conditions. This ensures you are as well prepared as you can be for your placement. You have the opportunity to contact other new starters, and to expand and develop your personal network., You will receive a medical check-up, as well as detailed advice on precautionary measures, vaccinations and malaria prevention. Every two years, you and your accompanying family members will receive a precautionary check-up. The medical service is available in emergencies for employees domiciled in Germany. It also provides advice for ergonomically designed workplaces. , For your service as a development worker we will pay you a monthly basic subsistence allowance. From the contractually agreed departure there is also an additional monthly expatriation allowance. This allowance increases if you are married and/or have dependent children - even if your family does not leave the country with you., Following your preparation in Germany, we offer you eight days’ departure leave so you can prepare for your deployment as a development worker., We reimburse the bulk of child care costs for dependent children under the age of 14 who are travelling with you. This entitlement lapses if your partner travels out with you and does not work as a development assistant or an integrated specialist. Up to 92.5% of costs for pre-school and school enrolment are covered. , We help you find somewhere to live locally and reimburse the costs based on country-specific rent index., For supply trips, such as for shopping, to school or to the doctor, you can either use your company car or claim a monthly fixed-sum travel allowance. You may also use the company car for private use with the consent of your superior. , We provide health and liability insurance for you and your family. Family members travelling with you are also covered by accident insurance. During your working hours you are also legally covered by accident insurance. In countries affected by crisis your protection includes a comprehensive risk management system, which minimises personal hazards and risks.

About us

We offer the opportunity to work in an innovative and worldwide operating institution related to development policy. Your competencies and qualifications are demanded on the spot in an interdisciplinary team. You advise governmental and civil society organizations at local or municipal level. The Development Service of GIZ offers a comprehensive service package. It includes a specific technical and personal preparation. The basis for the deployment of specialists in the development service is the Entwicklungshelfer-Gesetz.


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